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  What is nanotechnology?
  What are the benefits?
  What are the risks?


  How soon do we need to prepare?
  Which restrictions will helpand which won't?
  How can opportunities be extended to all?


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The next Industrial Revolution is right around the corner. Fourth generation nanotechnology molecular manufacturing will radically transform the world, and the people, of the early 21st century. Whether that transformation will be peaceful and beneficial or horrendously destructive is unknown. Although nanotechnology carries great promise, unwise or malicious use could seriously threaten the survival of the human race. The vision of CRN is a world in which molecular manufacturing is widely used for productive and beneficial purposes, and where dangerous uses are limited. 

The mission of CRN is to: 1) raise awareness of the benefits, the dangers, and the possibilities for responsible use of advanced nanotechnology; 2) expedite a thorough examination of the environmental, humanitarian, economic, military, political, social, medical, and ethical implications of molecular manufacturing; and 3) assist in the creation and implementation of wise, comprehensive, and balanced plans for responsible worldwide use of this transformative technology.

2002-2008 Center for Responsible Nanotechnology TM        CRN was an affiliate of World Care
, an international, non-profit, 501(c)(3) organization.