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"The Center for Responsible Nanotechnology focuses on the key challenge of fostering the promise while protecting from the peril of advanced technologies, in particular nanotechnology, and creates valuable discussions on topics of global importance."
    — Ray Kurzweil, author of several books including The Singularity is Near


"A challenging, possibly daunting future rushes toward us. We need caution and skeptical worry. We also need ambition and problem-solving confidence. CRN offers balance and a special kind of wisdom."
    — David Brin, scientist and Hugo-Award winning author



"If technology is the engine of change, then nanotechnology is the fuel for humanity's future.  Like any fuel, we must understand its usable capacity for doing work and apply that knowledge toward addressing humanity's needs. This a two-fold strategic process. The Center for Responsible Technology has the brainpower to do it."
 — Natasha Vita-More, cultural strategist - designer

"The Center for Responsible Nanotechnology is fulfilling a transcendental role in the future of humanity. If it did not exist, it would have to be created. Nanotechnology can lead us to Heaven or Hell, and we have to be aware of the opportunities and threats."
    — José Luis Cordeiro, economist and futurist


"We need to take seriously the prospects for molecular nanotechnology, personal nanofactories and nanorobotics, and attempt to understand the societal and political consequences of these technologies now, before it is too late. CRN is the only organization currently fulfilling this role."
    — Robert A. Freitas Jr., research scientist and author of Nanomedicine


"CRN has a difficult role that requires diligence and support as the competitive global race to commercialization becomes more intense. We are proud to have them as our scientific advisors for education and rely on their expertise as we build a knowledge foundation for the future to include ethics and responsible development of all scientific research."
— Judith Light Feather, president of The NanoTechnology Group Inc.


"Only CRN has the unique combination of technical expertise, long-range vision and industry clout to help guide us on a responsible path towards advanced nanotechnology."
       — Patrick Lin, research director of The Nanoethics Group


"Whether molecular nanotechnology is a curse or a blessing to human civilization all depends on how we manage it. CRN is one of the most insightful entities, and has the capacity to guide the world safely into the abundant nano-era."
    — Sinclair T. Wang, founder and CEO of Tainano


"CRN is providing invaluable leadership in the difficult task of preparing the world for an increasingly rapidly-changing future. Makers of buggy-whips, take heed."
— J. Storrs Hall, author of Nanofuture: What's Next for Nanotechnology


"Molecular manufacturing is going to be the mother of all disruptions, and if we manage to get through this century with our civilization intact, CRN's work will bear much of the credit."
    — Jamais Cascio, co-founder of


"Humankind is heading inexorably into an age of sweeping and unpredictable change. These changes are likely to happen sooner and be greater in scope than most people are able to grasp. Working to understand the potential of molecular manufacturing and to help plan for the disruptive changes it will bring about is the Center for Responsible Nanotechnology."
— Rocky Rawstern, editor of Nanotechnology Now

"How do you handle disruptive abundance? Boldly yet cautiously scouting this beckoning minefield ahead to find safe passage through — that is what CRN is about, and which makes its work critically important, including for your personal future."       
    — Philippe Van Nedervelde,
entrepreneur and policy advocate


"The Center for Responsible Nanotechnology is a uniquely effective contributor to understanding of pivotal issues."
— K. Eric Drexler, author of Engines of Creation and Nanosystems


"Nanotechnology could offer solutions, not temporary fixes, to some of the most serious problems faced by humanity including water, renewable energy, and childhood diseases. CRN is leading the way in frank and honest discussions about how this technology will impact our future."
   — Rosa Wang, consultant and researcher on social innovation


CRN was a non-profit research and advocacy organization, completely dependent on small grants and individual contributions.


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