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"Mike Treder was one of our most engaging and popular speakers for SAGE Crossroads. He added great insight to the discussion on nanotechnology and aging research." - Lynne Marie Stout, Producer

"Mike provided insight into how to best prepare society for emerging technologies, specifically nanotechnologies, that could potentially result in drastic changes to our way of life." - Nora Savage, U.S. Environmental Protection Agency

MIKE TREDER, Executive Director of CRN, is an accomplished speaker, writer, and presenter on the societal implications of emerging technologies. Mike makes complex topics understandable, relevant, interesting, and entertaining. Invite him to address your group, company, organization, or meeting you will learn and you’ll be inspired!

“21st century science and technology offer the most wonderful benefits and the most serious risks we've ever faced. The human race can't afford to get it wrong.” – Mike Treder

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CHRIS PHOENIX, CRN’s Director of Research, is one of the world's leading experts in advanced nanotechnology. He is highly sought after for business consulting, governmental advice and speaking engagements. Chris has presented his research findings to the National Academy of Sciences, the Environmental Protection Agency, and at international conferences on nanotechnology. His papers have been published in distinguished scientific journals. As a speaker, Chris is creative, knowledgeable, engaging, and informative.

“Molecular manufacturing will be extremely powerful, but very few people know what that really means. We must understand its projected impact on politics, economics, law, sociology, and the environment.” – Chris Phoenix

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